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Autopage features
Autopage® 8.5
The most powerful XTension for automated page layout with QuarkXPress runs with QuarkXPress 2019 and 2020 on Mac OS X running Intel Macs
Winner of the Seybold Editors’ Award for Excellence for “enabling high-quality batch pagination with QuarkXPress”
Save time laying out the pages of complex textbooks, yellow pages, directories, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals and trade books while producing structured QuarkXPress documents. Autopage creates QuarkXPress documents that are easily edited interactively while they can be viewed, edited and printed without the Autopage XTension.
“Autopage is very efficient to produce books in QuarkXPress. We can paginate complex books in half the time we could without Autopage.”
Terry Leaden, Systems Manager, McGraw Hill, Inc. Satisfied Autopage user since 1991
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