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Autopage features
Autopage® features
Textbook capabilities
  • Straddle heads and other layout variations easily handled
  • Adjust spacing around heads, equations, extracts, art and footnotes to balance facing page spreads
  • Eliminate orphans and widows
  • Group lines of text that must not split between pages
  • Place art, tables and graphics near their references including those that span spreads
  • Place inline art and tables immediately after there reference line
  • Adjust art caption placement based on art page placement both vertically and horizontally
  • Place art, notes and tables in the minor column
  • Bleed art off the top, bottom, left and right
  • Create text boxes that are tinted and/or framed with or without breaking across pages allowed
  • Place tints behind individual words in the text
  • Change the text alignment of heads, captions and margin notes based on left or right page placement
  • Place and number footnotes
  • Control footnote rule length, thickness, alignment, color and shade
  • Prevent footnotes and art together at bottom of page if this isn't desired
Legal publishing features
  • Footnote placement and numbering
  • Combine short footnotes on a single line
  • Multi-column notes placed below single column body text
  • Single column notes placed below multi-column body text
  • Lettered and numbered notes sorted at page bottom
  • Option to place all notes in rightmost column of page
  • Split notes between columns/pages
  • Independent control over footnote rule and split footnote rule
Yellow pages capabilities
  • Placement of display ads and inline ads
  • Placed of filler including rotation, mandatory filler and single use filler
  • Filler placement minimized and optimized to spread gutter
  • Placement of category continued lines at top of column, page or spread
  • Option to place display ads so they touch their category
  • Option to place display ads so the first ad in a category touches that category
Directory publishing
Trade book capabilities
  • Variation between spread depths to eliminate orphans and widows
  • Word space kerning and/or letter space tracking to vary paragraph depths during pagination to eliminate orphans and widows
  • Word space kerning and/or letter space tracking prior to page layout to eliminate paragraphs with short last lines
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