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Autopage features
Autopage Textbook capabilities
  • Straddle heads and other layout variations easily handled
  • Adjust spacing around heads, equations, extracts, art and footnotes to balance facing page spreads
  • Eliminate orphans and widows
  • Group lines of text that must not split between pages
  • Place art, tables and graphics near their references including those that span spreads
  • Place inline art and tables immediately after there reference line
  • Adjust art caption placement based on art page placement both vertically and horizontally
  • Place art, notes and tables in the minor column
  • Bleed art off the top, bottom, left and right
  • Create text boxes that are tinted and/or framed with or without breaking across pages allowed
  • Place tints behind individual words in the text
  • Change the text alignment of heads, captions and margin notes based on left or right page placement
  • Place and number footnotes
  • Control footnote rule length, thickness, alignment, color and shade
  • Prevent footnotes and art together at bottom of page if this isn't desired
“After years of investigation and evaluation it was the combination of QuarkXPress and Autopage that allowed us to make the step forward to the Macintosh. Previously we used a proprietary typesetting system.”
Bruno Hayoz, Paulusdruckerei, Switzerland
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