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XMLxt features
XMLxt™ 6
(previously named hiddenXT) 
An XTension to QuarkXPress allowing you to embed XML or other tags in QuarkXPress documents
XMLxt is an XTension to QuarkXPress allowing you to embed XML tags or other arbitrary text strings in a QuarkXPress document for later retrieval and export. It doesn't rely on QuarkXPress style sheets or other tricks in an effort to encode the tags. The actual tags with attributes are embedded in the text and can be viewed during the production cycle if desired. Once the production cycle is complete the tags can be restored prior to export and archival.
Choice of delimiters
XMLxt allows you to delimit XML tags in your imported text so once imported the tags can be hidden within the QuarkXPress document. The tags can be made temporily visible within a range, a box, a story or the entire document to simplify text editing. When the production cycle is complete the hidden tags can be deleted and replaced with the original XML tags with or without extra outer delimiters. The text, including the XML tags and any editing that occurred during the composition cycle, can be exported for archival or other uses.
During the composition cycle XMLxt can confirm the hidden XML tags are well-formed within a range, a story or through the entire document. This simplifies the process of confirming the tags remain well-formed during extensive editing.
Confirming tags are well formed
XMLxt can import a preferences file representing an XML tag set with related tag attributes and load it into the XMLxt palette. Tags can be selected from the palette popup for insertion at a point or across a range of text. Before new tags are inserted XMLxt assures the XML tags within the selected range are well-formed. The preferences file can include pairs of tags that must be matched based on the value of an attribute and such matches are confirmed during well-formed checking.
XMLxt can add <ART FILE="filename"> tags to a document for each picture box in the document so when the file is exported the information about art in the file is included. XMLxt can also add <DOCPAGE NUM="page number"> tags to every box in a document so on export the text contains references to the original document page numbers.
Integration with Autopage
XMLxt is fully integrated with Autopage to simplify the process of exporting entire QuarkXPress documents as flat text files with embedded XML tags.
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