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XMLxt features
Confirm tags well formed
XMLxt Confirm tags are well formed
XMLxt can import a preferences file representing an XML tag set with related tag attributes and load it into the XMLxt palette. Tags can be selected from the palette popup for insertion at a point or across a range of text. Before new tags are inserted XMLxt assures the XML tags within the selected range are well-formed. The preferences file can include pairs of tags that must be matched based on the value of an attribute and such matches are confirmed during well-formed checking.
XMLxt can add <ART FILE="filename"> tags to a document for each picture box in the document so when the file is exported the information about art in the file is included. XMLxt can also add <DOCPAGE NUM="page number"> tags to every box in a document so on export the text contains references to the original document page numbers.
During the composition cycle XMLxt can confirm the hidden XML tags are well-formed within a range, a story or through the entire document.
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