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KyTek's Autopage® 8.2
for QuarkXPress 10
Autopage is the most powerful family of QuarkXTensions for the automated page layout of books, textbooks, encyclopedias, directories and yellow pages.
Autopage is one of a family of XTensions to QuarkXPress that automate the layout of trade books, textbooks, journals, encyclopedias, directories and yellow pages. Autopage automatically places art, tables, footnotes, margin notes and margin art, producing visually balanced page spreads while eliminating orphans and widows.
Autopage 8.2 continues to refine many of the layout capabilities of its predecessors in the areas of runaround art, tints, frames and sidebars.
Modern User Interface
Autopage for QuarkXPress 10 supports the new user interface of Mac OS X and QuarkXPress 10 as exemplified by the updated Autopage palette below.

Text Wrapping Around Art and Notes
This Autopage generated spread shows art spanning more than a page but less than a full spread and Autopage is automatically balancing the columns of text while the text is wrapping around the art.

Here text is wrapping around sidenotes that are placed indented into the column near the text referencing them while the text is balanced across the spread with tables and related notes that Autopage is also placing relative to their callouts.

This spread shows a change from text with no tint behind to text with a tint behind occurring in the leftmost column and back to text with no tint behind in the left column of the right page. This all occurs in a multi-column layout while also wrapping text around art spanning more than a single column but less than the full page width.
This sample shows the blend applied to the sidenotes being automatically changed to bleed to white on the outside margin of left and right pages based on whether the note is placed on a left or a right page.

Here the tints being applied to the sidebar which begins on the right page of this spread are spline boxes rather than plain rectangular boxes and Autopage is automatically sizing them to fit the text within.

The spread below shows a variety of Autopage generated frames. The left page contains independent frames around both the header and body of the sidebar. The right page has a frame within the sidebar. Both sidebars contain a variety of tints automatically applied.

This Autopage generated spread shows a frame whose style varies as the element it is beside spans pages. The initial frame is a single rule on the left side of the element. When the end of the element appears as seen on the right page then a rule is placed beneath it. The subsequent element is only framed by a single, thicker, rule on its left side.

The spread below combines a number of framing, tinting and layout variation capabilities of Autopage.
 The layouts of the page width elements consisting of a straddle head over two column text are framed and tinted such that if the two column layout breaks between pages then the frame surrounding the entire two columns is open at page bottom and again at page top where the two column layout continues.
 Tints have been placed behind the two column text and also sections of the one column text.
 Near the top of the right page is an element consisting of a straddle head with two column text beneath and in this case a frame has been constructed around this entire element once the depth of the element is determined by balancing the two columns of text beneath the head.

Autopage is One of a Kind
Autopage is the only automated page layout XTension for QuarkXPress for producing books, textbooks, directories and yellow pages. It does not require a special viewer XTension to view, edit or print the QuarkXPress documents it creates. It creates easy to edit documents with text boxes linked naturally and spacing adjustments made in the paragraph formats dialog where they are easily accessed and modified whether or not Autopage is loaded. It is compatible with all popular XTensions used in book production for importing tagged text, placing running heads and creating tables and math equations.
KyTek is the leading developer of XTensions that automate the layout of book, directory and yellow pages with QuarkXPress.
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