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KyTek shows Autopage® and XMLxt for QuarkXPress
and Mac OS X Leopard on Intel Macs
Autopage is the most powerful family of QuarkXTensions for the automated page layout of books, textbooks, encyclopedias, directories and yellow pages.
For Immediate Release: March 10, 2008
Weare, NH: KyTek is showing Autopage and XMLxt running native under Mac OS X Leopard on Intel Macs with QuarkXPress 7.
Autopage is one of a family of XTensions to QuarkXPress that automate the layout of trade books, textbooks, journals, encyclopedias, directories and yellow pages. Autopage automatically places art, tables, footnotes, margin notes and margin art, producing visually balanced page spreads while eliminating orphans and widows.
XMLxt supports maintaining XML tagged content from pre-page production through page production in QuarkXPress and then exported back to plain text XML for other uses.
XML Integration
Optional functionality allows conversion of XML to Xtags for automatic import into a QuarkXPress document via user controlled XSL transforms.
XML can include cross reference tags identifying page numbers resolved by XMLxt once pagination is complete. When the new page number references replace the original any paragraph depth variation that occurs is automatically adjusted via kerning and tracking so as to maintain page breaks.
When page construction is complete the document can be exported as an XML file capturing any content changes made and optionally with insertion of page start XML tags, art description XML tags and geometry processing instructions for specified tags needing identification in ebook processing to follow.
The sample spreads shown here are automatically generated in their entirety by source XML combined with user controlled translation to Xtags and Autopage automated page layout.
spread1left.gif spread1right.gif
The main text flow is running around a figure spanning over one column and insetting into the next and around a figure completely inset into the right column on the left page. The tints behind the straddle heads and body text are applied by Autopage as are the rules placed between columns in the key terms.
Runaround art
Autopage now supports an increased variety of runaround art. Runaround art can span multiple columns or be completely embedded within a single column of a multi-column layout. Multiple pieces of runaround art can be inset into a single column at the top, middle and bottom.
Autopage includes independent user control for runaround art to indicate the page placement dependent horizontal and vertical alignment of the art and the associated caption. This alignment is dynamically taken into consideration when a runaround object is placed.
Runarounds are applied with standard QuarkXPress features. Any type of runaround is supported. Controls are included to inset art into text or outset it from the text for up to three types of runaround art per document.
spread2left.gif spread2right.gif
The text of the sidebar on the left page is running around art that spans one column and insets into a second of three columns. A graphic tint is placed behind the entire sidebar and the sidebar placed as a piece of art in the pagination of the overall chapter. The caption of the art on the right page is automatically moved to the right side of the art when it is placed on a right page.
Automatic Construction of Sidebars
Autopage now supports the automatic construction of sidebars, or sub-pagination elements. Sidebars are miniature documents within a document that are paginated independently and placed on consecutive pages at the point they are referenced in the main document.
Sidebars may contain layout variations, art, tables, footnotes, in fact any elements supported by Autopage.
Sidebars may now be balanced across an entire spread if desired and forced to be the only element on the spread.
spread5left.gif spread5right.gif
Here we see frames open at the top/bottom of the page when the layout breaks between pages and the use of blends placed behind layouts with a different blend placed based on left/right page. The lower right layout shows tints placed behind individual elements within a layout. The left page shows text running around inline art.
Blends and Graphics Placed Behind Layout Elements
New functionality allows a graphic or QuarkXPress blend to be placed behind a sidebar or any layout element. The graphic or blend can span multiple layout changes which themselves can span multiple pages and the appropriately sized graphic or blend is placed behind each.
spread4left.gif spread4right.gif
This shows a new frame feature. The top of each page spanned by the dynamically constructed sidebar contains the corner frames while the bottom has a single horizontal rule. A separate black frame surrounds the layout. The sidebar is placed as a piece of art during pagination.
Frames Placed Around Layout Elements
Autopage can now construct complex frames around individual layout elements or around consecutive layout elements. Support is included for up to eight frame definitions per element or group of elements. Each frame consists of up to four line segment definitions specified relative to the four corners of the layout. The line segments are defined with all the attributes QuarkXPress includes for graphic rules including the line style.
Vertical Rule Beside Captions
Autopage can now place a vertical rule beside an art caption or the beside the caption and the art itself dynamically sized to the correct height.
spread3left.gif spread3right.gif
The table is constructed from XML. Autopage recognizes the two pieces of art can fit beside each other. In addition to applying the tints behind the Ask Yourself section Autopage has also placed the dividing line between the columns as part of the new frame functionality.
Side by side art placement
Autopage can dynamically recognize that multiple pieces of art can fit beside each other spanning a page and place them equally spaced across the page.
Support For QuarkServer (DDS)
Autopage is available for QuarkServer. Autopage for QuarkServer supports automatic building of table of contents and up to three indexes. A three level index with See, See Also, page ranges and sort-as is supported.
Autopage is One of a Kind
Autopage is the only automated page layout XTension for QuarkXPress for producing books, textbooks, directories and yellow pages. It does not require a special viewer XTension to view, edit or print the QuarkXPress documents it creates. It creates easy to edit documents with text boxes linked naturally and spacing adjustments made in the paragraph formats dialog where they are easily accessed and modified whether or not Autopage is loaded. It is compatible with all popular XTensions used in book production for importing tagged text, placing running heads and creating tables and math equations.
KyTek is the leading developer of XTensions that automate the layout of book, directory and yellow pages with QuarkXPress.
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