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Seybold Editors' Hot Pick given to KyTek's demonstration of a QuarkXPress based XML workflow
For Immediate Release: April 10, 2001 
Weare, NH: At Seybold Boston 2001 KyTek demonstrates an XML workflow built around the updated Autopage® 5.5, XMLxt and QuarkXPress. The XML based QuarkXPress workflow was selected as a Hot Pick by the Seybold Editors.
QuarkXPress Based XML Workflow
The QuarkXPress based XML workflow begins with an XML tagged Word RTF file (or alternatively an XML tagged plain text file).
This file is translated to a pure XML file and an XPress tags file suitable for import into QuarkXPress with XML tags embedded. This file is imported into QuarkXPress, typically with the Xtags XTension, and XMLxt is used to hide the XML tags within the QuarkXPress document.
At this point a "normal" QuarkXPress workflow occurs with the XML tags residing in the QuarkXPress document as hidden tags. If Autopage is being used then this is an automated workflow. In this case the translation process described above can also insert all the necessary Autopage tags. Further, once the production process is complete, Autopage can deconstruct the file (ie put the footnotes, art captions, etc. back into a single text flow).
The completed QuarkXPress document can have the XML coding revealed (with the XMLxt XTension) and be exported as an XPress tags text file (typically with Xtags). This format-coded text file with embedded XML tags is run back through the translator to arrive at the original pure XML file plus any content changes made during the production process.
The resulting XML file can be run back through the entire process with similar results. In other words you can round-trip the entire process while capturing any content changes made during the QuarkXPress part of the production cycle back into the external XML file.
The translation process from XML to Xtags includes a variety of possible transformations. These include numbering of lists with independent controls up to six levels deep, applying unique styles to first and last elements of lists, numbering sections, art, tables, etc. The page spread on the back is generated by this XML Autopage process and contains embedded XML tags. The section numbering, illustration numbering and list numbering were all done automatically by the XML translation and all such inserted text is removed automatically during the reverse translation process.
KyTek is the leading developer of XTensions that automate the layout of book, directory and yellow pages with QuarkXPress.
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