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KyTek further automates QuarkXPress long document layout with Autopage® 5.3 and Autopage® PE 5.3
Autopage is the most powerful family of QuarkXTensions for the automated page layout of books, textbooks, encyclopedias, directories and yellow pages.
For Immediate Release: December 6, 1998
Weare, NH: KyTek announces the release of Autopage® PE 5.3, the $945 XTension to QuarkXPress that automates the layout of trade books, textbooks, journals and encyclopedias. KyTek also announces the release of Autopage Pro 5.3 that additionally automates the layout of more complex books, directories and yellow pages. Both XTensions automatically place art, tables, footnotes, margin notes and margin art, producing visually balanced page spreads while eliminating orphans and widows.
QuarkXPress 4 - Macintosh and Windows
QuarkXPress 4 introduced a new XTension interface while providing an emulator for QuarkXPress 3 XTensions. Autopage® 5.3 runs native with this new XTension interface on both the Macintosh and Windows (95, 98, NT) platforms while maintaining support for QuarkXPress 3.
Yellow Page Production
Autopage® 5.3 is further optimized for yellow page production.
Display ad placement is enhanced to assure category listings span all pages with ads referenced in the category regardless of how short or long the listings and how many or few ads are referenced in the category.
Filler placement is improved to minimize its use and maintain it close to the inside margins.
Performance optimizations reduce the time required to paginate books hundreds of pages long.
New yellow page options include allowing ads to touch an ad that touches the outside margin of the page as long as the ad itself doesn't touch the inside margin of the page and specification of the minimum category depth that must appear on the last page containing ads referenced in the category.
Multi-purposing and Structured Document Archival
Autopage® PE 5.3 now has the same capability as Autopage Pro to convert all Autopage hidden coding back into visible markup. This structured text from a QuarkXPress document can be exported for archival, multi-purposing or creation of a subsequent edition and then re-imported into QuarkXPress for pagination without manual intervention in the process.
A new interface betweeen Autopage® 5.3 and Xtags can convert all art into text based tags. An entire Autopage-structured QuarkXPress document can be exported as a text file that includes coding for everything necessary to re-create the complete document in a fresh QuarkXPress template.
This closes the loop between the need to maintain documents in a structured text format, like SGML, for archival or multi-purposing while easily converting into and out of QuarkXPress to take advantage of its unparalleled layout ability.
Tradebook Automation
When producing novels or trade books with simpler designs it is often easier to layout the entire book in a single QuarkXPress document.
Autopage® 5.3 provides additional enhancements for this type of job with handling for custom multi-page part opening and chapter opening pages.

Autopage Statistics
All new in Autopage® 5.3 is a statistics package allowing users to determine how well structured a QuarkXPress document is. The statistics are particularly relevent to Autopage created QuarkXPress documents.
Statistics include how many text chains a document contains, how many footnotes, tables and pieces of art are included and how many master page definitions are used. A count of elements out of the text flow such as graphic rules, boxes left on the pasteboard and untagged boxes is provided. The report has information on what Autopage utilities and related XTensions were used to create the document.
The report provides an indication as to how easy it will be to convert a document to a structured text file.
Footnote Handling
The production of bibles can require that all footnotes run together. When a footnote ends, a fixed space is inserted and the next footnote begins on that same line providing there is space.
Autopage® 5.3 builds on prior versions' ability to handle run-in footnotes by allowing run-in footnotes to be placed only in the rightmost columns of pages. The accompanying figure shows the run-in notes only in the right column of both left and right pages. Each note start is indicated by a red mark in the text at the lower right of each page. Meanwhile the note references, indicated by the red marks appearing elsewhere on the page, occur in both columns of each page.
Variety of Other New Features
Other new features in Autopage® 5.3 include enhanced scripting, enhanced ragged page depth setting, simplified footnote tagging and the ability to delete all hidden Autopage tags in a document.
Autopage is One of a Kind
Autopage is the only automated page layout XTension for QuarkXPress for producing books, textbooks, directories and yellow pages that does not require a special viewer XTension to view, edit or print the QuarkXPress documents it creates. It is the only XTension that creates easy to edit documents with text boxes linked naturally and spacing adjustments made in the paragraph formats dialog where they are easily accessed and modified whether or not Autopage is loaded. It is the only XTension that is compatible with all popular XTensions used in book production for importing tagged text and creating tables and math equations.
KyTek is the leading developer of XTensions that automate the layout of book, directory and yellow pages with QuarkXPress.
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