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KyTek Further Automates Footnotes in QuarkXPress with fXT 2.0
For Immediate Release: November 24, 1997
Weare, NH: KyTek, the leading developer of XTensions that automate the layout of book, directory and yellow pages with QuarkXPress, announces the release of fXT 2.0, the $299 XTension to QuarkXPress that automates the placement of footnotes in QuarkXPress.
Footnote document production is simplified in fXT 2.0 by allowing users to freeze pages already completed and work only on the end of a document when placing or renumbering footnotes. This fits nicely with the typical workflow where all footnotes are placed and the document is then reviewed from start to finish. As interactive changes are made it becomes necessary to place or renumber all footnotes after a certain point in a document while not effecting all pages prior to that point. This is now possible with fXT.
Baseline alignment of facing pages where one has footnotes at the bottom and the other doesn't is now possible with fXT 2.0. The new interface allows for the specification of a vertical adjustment to be applied to the placement of all footnote boxes so the last baseline in each aligns with a facing page body text baseline.
Footnote marking with symbols is enhanced to include the section symbol and number symbol in the sequence. It's now possible to renumber only a single footnote with any arbitrary string for manully handling point footnotes for instance. Deletion of a footnote and all related tags or just deletion of the tags is now easy with fXT 2.0.
The user interface is simplified with better menu organization, more functions moved where they're easily accessible on the palette and easier to understand dialogs.
FXT 2.0 is PowerPC native and compatible with QuarkXPress 4.0.
Upgrades from prior versions are $99.00.
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