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21 How do I get Autopage to change from 1 column layout to 2 column layout?
Autopage provides tools to assist in the process of changing from one layout to the other, and includes the Autotag utility which allows many layout variation requirements to be handled automatically.
The user may create changes to the layout manually using Quark tools, and then link them using the Autopage XTension palette. This tool will join QuarkXPress story chains of different measures, such as a single 25 pica column changing to two 12-pica columns with a 1 pica gutter. In this example, the user selects the story chain containing the single-column layout, and links this to the story chain containing the two-column layout using the XTension palette,.
To make this process much faster, Autopage is provided with the Autotag ulitiy which assists with this kind of document construction. For the example above, a simple code [[LC 2 M=12p]] would convert the text following (until another such layout change command or the end of the story) into 2 columns of 12 picas each. To return the text to 1 column the code would be simply [[LC 1 M=25p]]. Further expanding this concept the user may specify many other features such as tinting, framing, inset and margins. After becoming familiar with the document construction process manually, most users will eventually use these codes to greatly improve the efficiency of creating pages.
(Note that Autopage also includes the ability to invoke the features of other XTensions, such as Xtags, so grouped objects created by Xtags can be used by Autopage in a one-step pagination cycle. See XTensions FAQ and links for more information.)
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