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15 What is the best way to generate footnotes with Autopage?
Autopage is flexible in its handling of footnotes, and will allow the user to implement their own preferred style of preparing footnotes. For example, footnotes may exist:
• at the end of the current story,
• in a completely separate story in another part of the document, or
• coded inline with their reference.
Any of these methods can be used by Autopage during the construction and pagination of the job. Autopage will check that each footnote exists according to its reference, and place the footnotes correctly at the base of the required page during pagination. In addition, Autopage will attempt to make adjustments within your limits to ensure that footnotes stay with their refence, and will permit footnotes to break from left to right pages if desired, and from right to left, provides individual controls over the footnote rules for normal and continued footnotes.
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