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11 How do I tell Autopage which spaces to adjust when paginating, such as headings and space around quoted matter?
Autopage looks for paragraphs with predefined H&J name prefixes. The actual settings of the H&J spec are not important (since these are decided during design or by house style), simply the specified prefix. The standard prefixes can be used in more than one H&J spec, so there are no limitations at all on your usage of Quark’s H&J abilities. The prefixes identify certain paragraphs as being one of the groups of spaces able to be modified by Autopage during pagination. Six different heading spaces and text spaces can be defined (although these spaces may be applied to any number of heading and text stylesheets or paragraphs); Autopage will use these spaces—along with the minimum, maximum and spread limits you apply—to make adjustments during pagination to achieve balanced pages and spreads.
For example, your design may specify that the first subhead is to have 24 points of space before it. By using the prefix H1 before the name of the H&J spec of the subhead (for example, ‘H1 subhead caps’ might be the name of the H&J spec), Autopage will use the settings you specify to adjust this space as required. By telling Autopage, for example, that the optimum space is 24 points (as the design might require), but also that this space may be adjusted to a minimum of 18 points and a maximum of 36 points, Autopage will then adjust the space around this heading, within these limits, to achieve pagination. Other headings within the document that require 2 line spaces may also be identified with this variable space band, with the same H&J name or by another name with the prefix H1, for example, ‘H1 box heading’.
This simple system also applies to normal text paragraphs. Six different variable space bands can be defined, to apply before and/or after paragraphs. Quoted matter, for example, is often set with space before and after the paragraph. These spaces, and the limits you permit them to vary, may be specified in the Autopage rules and linked to paragraphs within the job using named H&J specs as described above. In addition, H&J specs named with prefix “Pre” would instruct Autopage to apply only the settings for above the paragraph. Conversely, those with H&J named with prefixes “Post” would tell Autopage to only apply the specified variable space below the paragarph.
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