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07 How do I know the exact page depth, and can Autopage change the page depth within limits to achieve better pagination results?
Autopage provides feedback on the current baseline via the XTension palette, and this information is used to determine the default page depth. The easiest method is to prepare a page of normal body copy text; that is, the same typeface, size and leading for the whole page, and that page should have the standard number of lines you would like on each page of the book. By placing your cursor on the last line of the page, Autopage will tell you how far this baseline is from the top margin, which can be used as the optimum page depth. Of course, you can specify that this optimum depth is able to alter during pagination, within your limits, and to prevent page depths from varying too much from one spread to the next. By making the minimum, optimum, and maximum settings the same, Autopage will make each page the same depth, without variation.
Baseline measurement and page depth
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