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05 How is pagination handled? Can Autopage cope with complex projects?
Autopage is extremely flexible and robust. Complex projects are easily handled. Autopage brings the benefits of batch pagination to the power of Quark’s interactive layout abilities. The process always begins and ends with a normal Quark file which can be opened on any workstation. Changes can be made to your Quark document in the usual way without the XTension loaded.
Pagination can be handled one step at a time, or all at once, via the Autopage XTension.
Because Autopage integrates with other professional XTensions, you can incorporate seperate tasks such as importing Xtags markup, creating math structures, running heads and XML export in one pagination step. It is possible to script this step using Applescript and to repeat the step on several Quark files that may form the chapter of a book.
With supreme integration with XMLxt, including batch export facilities, Autopage and XMLxt facilitate a robust print-web-print cycle.
Snapshot of steps of pagination
The pagination process can easily be broken down into individual steps, combinations, or a complete cycle from text files to finished pages.
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