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KyTek releases XMLxt 3.1
XMLxt is the updated and renamed hiddenXT used to embed XML and other tags in QuarkXPress documents during the page composition process
For Immediate Release: October 4, 2001
Weare, NH: KyTek announces the release of XMLxt 3.1. XMLxt is the renamed hiddenXT with additional features to support checking for well formed XML tags and the ability to load pre-defined tag sets into the palette for simplified interactive XML tagging.
XML Well Formed Tag Checking
XMLxt can now check selected ranges, text chains or entire documents for well-formed XML tags.
Loading Pre-defined XML Tag Sets for Interactive Tagging
XMLxt can import a preferences file representing an XML tag set with related tag attributes and load it into the XMLxt palette. Tags can be selected from the palette popup for insertion at a point or across a range of text. Before new tags are inserted XMLxt assures the XML tags within the selected range are well-formed.
Displaying Hidden XML Tags in Anchored Text Boxes
XMLxt is enhanced to account for hidden XML tags contained within anchored text boxes.
Enhanced Abilities to Temporarily Show/Hide XML Tags
XMLxt can show/hide XML tags across a selected range and from a selected point in a text chain to the end in addition to showing all text chain tags or all document tags.
KyTek is the leading developer of XTensions that automate the layout of book, directory and yellow pages with QuarkXPress.
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