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KyTek speeds QuarkXPress long document layout with Autopage® 5.2 and Autopage PE 5.2
Autopage is the most powerful family of QuarkXTensions for the automated page layout of books, textbooks, encyclopedias, directories and yellow pages.
For Immediate Release: March 10, 1998
Weare, NH - KyTek announces the release of Autopage PE 5.2, the $945 XTension to QuarkXPress that automates the layout of trade books, textbooks, journals and encyclopedias. KyTek also announces the release of Autopage Pro 5.2 that additionally automates the layout of more complex books, directories and yellow pages. Both XTensions automatically place art, tables, footnotes, margin notes and margin art, producing visually balanced page spreads while eliminating orphans and widows. Both provide for automatic generation of HTML pages.
Page Layout Control
Autopage 5.2 supports "lock to baseline grid" for body text as in the illustration. Those elements which don't share the same leading or allow for flexible spacing above or below have spacing above or below automatically adjusted so the body text below is back on the baseline grid. This assures that all body text elements across a spread are on the grid even when heads, extracts, math, floating art and tables, inline art, side art, footnotes and margin notes are part of the design.
This spread also demonstrates the capability to drop the a head occurring at the top of the page enough to put the first body text baseline below the head back on the grid.
When producing novels or trade books with simpler designs it is often easier to layout the entire book in a single QuarkXPress document. Autopage 5.2 supports this with custom chapter opening pages inserted and forced chapter left/right page start if necessary.
Art and Table Placement
Book designers often want independent control over the vertical spacing around art and tables. Autopage 5.2 allows this by providing up to three ranges of vertical spacing that can be applied to different types of floating elements in a job.
Autopage 5.2 can automatically move inline art to the side column if it fits and this allows for a better page break.
Footnote Handling
The production of bibles can require that all footnotes run together. When a footnote ends, a fixed space is inserted and the next footnote begins on that same line providing there is space.
Autopage 5.2 handles these run-in footnotes as seen the illustration at the left. The user specifies a fixed space between notes and a minimum amount of note that must occur at the end of a line. Footnote measures may be wider or narrower than the text width. Lines where there isn't enough room to start the next note are automatically force justified. Run-in notes may split between pages and may be in a multi-column format beneath single column body text.
Workflow Automation
A common need in the production of books with complex layouts is for an initial production pass through QuarkXPress with text, footnotes, sidenotes, captions and perhaps some art for proofing of copy and line breaks. This step is done so that once all the art is ready which is typically very late in the process all other elements are known to be acceptable. Also, for ease of use, people prefer to continue working with this first-pass paged QuarkXPress document when making corrections and adding art.
For efficiency many markup a manuscript before initial import into QuarkXPress and this includes both text formatting and art callouts. The art callouts can't be resolved if there is not art and yet the line breaks can't be properly proofed if the callout tags are left in place until the art is ready. Autopage 5.2 provides a new capability to temporarily suppress these callouts within QuarkXPress during the proofing process. Then when the art is available the tags are linked with the corresponding art and the process can continue to finished pages without additional manual intervention.
The coding of footnotes prior to import into QuarkXPress is enhanced in Autopage 5.2 to allow them to be coded anywhere in the manuscript not only at the point of reference or at the end of the document. This provides further flexibility in the workflow to match the varying needs of users.
The export capability in Autopage 5.2 is enhanced to allow for exporting new Autopage tags and options. This structured text from a QuarkXPress document can be put into an archive, returned to an author for a subsequent edition and then re-imported into QuarkXPress for pagination without manual intervention in the process.
Autopage 5.2 is now scriptable as well. The entire pagination process from importing text and graphics thru pagination and running head placement thru export as HTML can be scripted as a single operation on one or more documents.
Yellow Page / Directory / Index Production
Autopage 5.2 allows for up to 4 continuation headings at the top of a column as seen in the illustration.
In yellow page work it is sometimes necessary to use different styles of text for elements which represent the same type of object, for example a category head. Autopage 5.2 supports such style variation when detecting what text elements should be extracted as continuation headings at the top of columns where categories are split between columns or pages.
Autopage is One of a Kind
Autopage is the only automated page layout XTension for QuarkXPress for producing books, textbooks, directories and yellow pages that does not require a special viewer XTension to view, edit or print the QuarkXPress documents it creates. It is the only XTension that creates easy to edit documents with text boxes linked naturally and spacing adjustments made in the paragraph formats dialog where they are easily accessed and modified whether or not Autopage is loaded. It is the only XTension that is compatible with all popular XTensions used in book production for importing tagged text and creating tables and math equations.
KyTek is the leading developer of XTensions that automate the layout of book, directory and yellow pages with QuarkXPress.
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